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Heat Treatment

Aluminum heat treatment is an important special process that typically is 2 parts: first being our salt bath soak which allows the metal to be conditioned for optimal formability then later hardened to the material’s final temper all per part specifications.

Our heat treatment equipment and procedures are NADCAP accredited and aerospace industry approved.

We perform aluminum only heat treatment and the required conductivity and hardness testing per the following specifications and we have specific customer approvals as indicated below:

Industry Standard: AMS2770 (formerly AMS-H-6088 and MIL-H-6088)

Boeing: AMS2770, BAC5602, DPS 7.00-1 and 7.00-1-17, HP1-2, P.S. 15500, P.S. 15701

Middle River Aircraft Systems: MIL-H-6088, AMS2770, MP-G10300, STP-10P300

Sikorsky: AMS2770

Lockheed: AMS2770

Shelton Industrial Pattern’s ability to have this critical special process on-site is just another of the reasons we can deliver a quality, affordable, and on-time project.

Our Aerospace Certified Aluminum Heat Treatment Equipment includes:

  • Salt Bath Solution Heat Treatment Furnace, 60” W x 80” L x 71” H
  • Artificial Age Hardening Furnace, 34” W x 52” L x 77” H
  • Artificial Age Hardening Furnace, 72” W x 96” L x 72” H

Salt Bath Furnace

Aluminum sheet metal parts being loaded into our aerospace industry approved salt bath furnace for solution heat treatment during the forming process.

Key Benefits

  • Excellent heat transfer from the molten salt into the aluminum parts providing the best possible solution heat treatment.
  • Minimal part distortion during the quench process.
  • No damage to parts due to scratches and abrasions throughout the solution heat treatment process.
  • Consistently meets 5 second quench delay


Age Ovens

Our precipitation age hardening furnaces are aerospace industry certified to a uniform temperature of ± 5°F throughout the furnace allowing us to perform the temperatures critical in many customer specifications.



To ensure the quality of our heat treatment process, our conductivity and hardness testing equipment, personnel, and procedures are aerospace industry approved. We also have local aerospace industry approved sources for mechanical properties testing when required.

Aluminum Conductivity and Rockwell Hardness Testing Equipment

Aluminum Conductivity and Rockwell Hardness Testing Equipment