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General Fabrication

These parts are examples of the brake form, hydro form, and roll form processes, minor sheet metal assembly, as well as drop hammer and stretch forming.


The following are the aluminum and steel sheet metal general fabrication processes that we specialize in:

  • Brake Forming
  • Hydro Forming
  • Roll Forming
  • Assembly

Brake Form

This widely used forming process forms various angles to precise tolerances in aluminum and steel sheet metal parts using brake dies with different radii in a Brake Press.  This forming process is common throughout the metal forming industry.


Hydro Form

This forming process presses rubber under high pressure on top of flat aluminum sheet metal parts, forming the metal over a male form die (i.e. Hydro Form Block – HFB) in our Hydraulic Press.


Roll Form

Aluminum or steel sheet metal is rolled through a Slip Roller consisting of three offset rollers to form a constant radius over the length of the material.  The size of the radius is controlled by adjusting the location of the rollers with respect to one another.

Roll formed parts are also many times chem milled to reduce weight and/or allow clearance for mating parts.



We manufacture sheet metal and extrusion minor assemblies consisting of two or more detail parts fastened together; we install clip nuts, plate nuts, etc. onto various formed parts; and we attach grommets and other non-metallic materials to parts using various adhesives.