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Tool Manufacture

We have the ability to manufacture the tools needed to fabricate the sheet metal parts we manufacture or we use customer furnished tooling.

When tool rework or repair becomes necessary, we can respond quickly and economically, by doing the work in-house.

Using customer furnished engineering drawings, loft line data, digital data files, or part models we can design and manufacture all of the tools required to economically manufacture all types of sheet metal parts to the highest quality standards in the shortest period of time.

Since we perform the tool designs as well as manufacture the tools that we use in our fabrication processes, our customers are assured that these tools will be able to produce parts meeting all engineering and quality requirements, have longevity and reproducibility , and provide both tool and part cost efficiency.

The finished tool being created by the HAAS VF3 3-Axis Machine in the video above.

The finished tool being created by the HAAS VF3 3-Axis Machine in the video above.

HAAS VF3 3-Axis Machine Center

Our state of the art HAAS VF3 allows us to machine to tight tolerances. This machine working in conjunction with our Mastercam, Solidworks and Compare Vidia software, allows us to not only machine tooling such as developed flat pattern templates (DT) or Hydro Form Blocks (FB) but also machine production parts that require tighter tolerance in addition to the flexibility of machining stops in material in lieu of chemical milling. This versatile machine allows us to further improve its ability to control most operations on-site.


Drop Hammer Dies

We design and manufacture our drop hammer dies from kirksite castings.  The forming surfaces are then ground or machined net, or a plastic face is applied to one or both of the male and female forming surfaces of the kirksite castings.


Stretch Form Dies

We design and manufacture our stretch form dies from kirksite castings.  The forming surface is then ground or machined net, or a plastic face is applied to the forming surface of the kirksite casting.  We can also make plastic faced aggregate filled stretch form dies.


Stretch Wrap Dies

We design our stretch wrap dies and manufacture them using various materials and methods depending upon the type and configuration of the extrusion or sheet metal part being formed.  We also design and manufacture the gripper jaws required to hold the various extrusion shapes during the forming process.


General Fabrication Tools

These are examples of developed templates, a contour check template, hydro form blocks with press plates, a joggle block, and sample parts used to form, trim, and inspect parts, or as reference during the brake form, hydro form, or roll form processes.


Trim/Drill Tools

These are plastic and fiberglass laminate trim and drill fixtures manufactured to trim the detail sheet metal parts that make up a door frame on the Boeing C-17 Transport.