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Manufacturing Processes

Our part and tool manufacturing capabilities range from fabrication of simple to very complex parts. The example above shows three simple roll formed spacers, a complex stretch formed and chemically milled (i.e. chem milled) thick gauge outer skin, and a very complex drop hammer formed thin gauge inner stiffening skin.

We designed and manufactured all of the tools used to fabricate the detail parts for the assemblies shown to the right. The only engineering information furnished by our customer was a dimensioned assembly drawing. Using this engineering drawing, we reverse engineered these assemblies to generate the individual part models used to manufacture the tools required for part fabrication. Several manufacturing processes were used to form these thin gauge stainless steel parts, including drop hammer form, stretch form, brake form and hydro form.

The following are the aluminum and steel sheet metal fabrication processes that we specialize in:

C-5_door_ assy

Aluminum door assembly details used on the engine inlet cowl of the Lockheed C-5 Galaxy.



Stainless steel duct assembly used on the Lockheed C-130 cargo transport engines.